Background of Tiger Jade Capital

Tiger Jade Capital has been initiated by Asia’s leading CRO Company Tigermed (Shenzhen stock: 300347) and ex-partner of Capital Today Mr. Jasper Jiang in 2019. Tiger Jade Capital aspires to aggregate conscious capital to improve people’s well being and contribute to community with total dedication and integrity; and as a result, deliver optimal returns for our investors. Click here to know more about our fund...

3 Advantages of Tiger Jade Capital

1. Strategically positioned for one of the leading high growth sectors in China. The medical expense in China is 6.2% of GDP, quite a big gap vs. 18% in US and 11% in Japan. In addition, development of commercial insurance and the inclusion of innovative drugs in the national health care system will help solve the payment issue and accelerate the innovation of new drugs.

2. Having Tigermed as a lead cornerstone investor, Tiger Jade is uniquely positioned to get exclusivity to top deals in health care area and orchestrate with other resources/industry funds aggregated by Tigermed.

3. Investment Committee members including Chairman of Tigermed, the biotech expert with legendary track record in Biotech investment Dr. Ye, and ex-Capital Today Partner Jasper Jiang to lead the investment decisions.